Youtube Advertising

YouTube Advertising Melbourne

YouTube is the 2nd most visited website in the world and attracts 44%of all internet users.

37% of all mobile internet traffic belongs on YouTube and 70% of what people watch on YouTube is determined by its recommendation algorithm.

When advertising on YouTube you are advertising on part of Google’s Display network, this means that the two search giants are inherently linked when it comes tracking people on one platform in order to advertise to them on another.

So, if you’re looking up the price of a TV using the Google search engine, odds on you’ll be seeing a Samsung TV advertisement the next time you watch something on YouTube.

YouTube Advertising Melbourne

There are many things to like about advertising on YouTube:

  • You only pay-per-click or pay-per-view, where 30 seconds of view time counts as a view.

  • You can target your video to be shown to people that watch videos from any other specific YouTube channel.

  • You can target your video to people that use particular search terms on Google.

  • A video advertisement on YouTube can be long or short, technically it doesn’t even have to be an ad. You can create any kind of content and distribute it to people that are looking at similar content already.

  • Create new audiences to retarget advertising to using YouTube content.

 If you’ve noticed that you’re not seeing certain advertising from brands anymore you’d be correct!

 In today’s digital age, if a company doesn’t think you’re the demographic for the their product or service, then you won’t or at least shouldn’t be seeing their advertisements.

Youtube Advertising Targeting Metrics 

YouTube can be exceptional in regards to its targeting metrics especially in terms of those that can be excluded from a YouTube advertising campaign. You can include or remove people based on:

·      Age

·      Gender

·      Location

·      The kind of YouTube content they watch

YouTube Ads Not For You? Have you thought about advertising on another platform?

Video Outcomes specialise in the highly targeted distribution of videos across multiple platforms including pay-per-click platforms such as:

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

Facebook Ads