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WHo is Your Target Audience?

Who is the target audience for your Video?

Video Outcomes specialise in developing audience profiles. Every piece of content should have its audience in mind from the conception stage through to the delivery stage.

The ability to segment audiences and target specific groups of people has never been more accessible than right now.

Correctly selecting the audience or demographic that will engage the most with your message is the first step to knowing how to engage them.

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Optimise Your message just for your clients

Is your video message optimised for your audience?

There is no longer a need to create content with broad appeal. Your content should be made for your clients eyes only.

Targeting can be so efficient that the only people that will see your content will be people that are already interested in it.

This means an even greater connection can be made with your clients by creating content that is specific, useful and relevant to only them.

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Measure Audience Engagement

How do we measure engagement for video?

Video Outcomes has expertise in online analytics to demonstrate sources of web traffic, create greater success for click rates and importantly conversion rates.

More than just views, you can know specifically how your message has engaged with your audience.

Use data to improve your message, refine your audience and increase your return on investment.

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Manage Your Risk

Our production process allows for high quality feedback throughout several stages of video and online advertising infrastructure development.

Video Outcomes insists on high level collaboration with stakeholders during the customer profiling, scripting and shot selection stages.

Quality communication early between contributors will lead to a smoother production all around and fewer unwanted surprises.

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Scalable Production team size

Scalable Video Production Team Size

Project requirements vary all of the time. Video Outcomes often have a varying team scale from production to production based on variations in project requirements and budget.

Video Outcomes consults with Australian based animators, actors, editors, sound engineers, drone operators and a variety of other specialists to scale productions as required.

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Improve your Website SEO

Improve your SEO with more content using video

The presence of video itself affects the one of most recently crowned important SEO ranking factors: quality content.

Video is evidence of quality content and helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests.