Digital Marketing Melbourne

Video Outcomes is a Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency with a focus on helping SME’s navigate the many pathways that are possible in presenting their products and services to their potential clients.

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Social MediA Marketing

Video Outcomes can help you reach your audience on one or multiple platforms:

  • Facebook Advertising - Cost effective and great for volume based digital advertising with great targeting and re-targeting options.

  • LinkedIn Advertising - Expensive but there is no other platform like it in the B2B space in terms getting your services or products directly in front of a company’s decision makers.

  • Youtube Advertising - Advertising on the 2nd most used search engine and website in the world has many upsides.

  • Instagram Advertising - Cost effective and great for volume based digital advertising with an emphasis on products and services that have standout imagery to engage the platforms users.


Search Engine OPtimisation

See your website traffic thrive and grow with increased organic traffic from it ranking higher and higher for search terms people use to find your products and services.

Video Outcomes specialise in competitive Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This means analysing the signals and the website structures of your competitors that Google is placing at the top of the search results page and making sure that you are right beside them and eventually above them!

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Video Production Melbourne

There is no quicker way to get your company’s story, product or service across than with video.

What was once reserved for organisations that could afford to advertise on television is now available at an affordable price both in terms of production cost and distribution costs.

The distribution of digital marketing video content online has so much more relevance and targeted reach than television advertising could ever come close to.

Display your products and services at their best and target them to online audiences that want them!

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Google Adwords Marketing

Don’t have the time or patience for Search Engine Optimisation or perhaps it’s cheaper just to buy the top spot on Google?

Video Outcomes can help you find out and help run your Google Adwords Campaign to its fullest potential.

For competitive search terms, it will be highly likely that the only way to get people to see your business correlating to a true No.1 ranking on Google is with a paid advertisement. So if you want it and you don’t want to wait, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.


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