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Whether it’s the targeted distribution of videos, bringing highly specific B2B traffic to your website or generating leads through website conversions or lead generation forms, LinkedIn Advertising truly stands out from the crowd as the best B2B communications advertising platform.

LinkedIn Pay-Per-Click Costs 

At as much as $15-$20(AUD) per click, LinkedIn Advertising’s cost-per-click are significantly more expensive than Facebook Ads and Google Display Ads ($0.60 - $2.00). Note: Google Search Ads depending on industry vary widely based on the value of the search term for that industry.

For B2B businesses looking to make contact, distribute information or develop their brand amongst their industries professionals this cost is worth it considering the targeting options of LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn Advertising Targeting Metrics

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Over time Video Outcomes has found that the most useful targeting combination options available through the LinkedIn Ads platform are targeting by:

  • Location

  • Job Title

  • Company Size

  • Industry

  • Job Seniority

  • Member Skills

  • Years of Experience in the Job

 Your message will be received only by those that need to see it!

To put that into a real world scenario you could target your advertisements specifically to people to that are Business Development Mangers (Target = Job Title) working in Manufacturing (Target = Industry) for company with 11-50 employees (Target = Company Size) in Melbourne (Target = Location).  Note: This example would likely only have an audience size in the hundreds to low thousands. Our experience has been that LinkedIn Advertisements get shown to more people if the overall audience size in above 10,000 people.

You can also upload your own e-mail contact lists that you have already developed directly to the LinkedIn Ads platform.

LinkedIn ADVERTISING Audience Insights Tag

The LinkedIn Audience Insights tag is a unique bit of code that helps track users on your website and when utilised correctly can be very powerful.

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By installing the tag on your website, and over time populating it with visitors from your website, numerous tracking options become available including the ability to identify by name the company (and in many cases) the individuals that visited your website on any given day.

LinkedIn Advertising Melbourne

LinkedIn Video Advertising

The great thing about LinkedIn is that its users watch respond to both long form and short form video types. Video podcast’s, webinars, and other unique types of content marketing videos can create just as much engagement as shorter form video advertisements seen on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

As LinkedIn is genuinely pay-per-click unless a user engages with your content you won’t incur any costs no matter how many people watch your video!

LinkedIn Advertising Retargeting

You’ve spent time and money making sure that people have seen your advertisements. This is the audience is higher up the sales funnel and are now aware of your brand, services or products and may have even engaged with your website. Don’t let them get away! Don’t pay to acquire them a second time. They’ve already been netted by your LinkedIn Insights Tag.

There are multiple methods of retargeting new content to people that have engaged with your previous content such as:

  • Retargeting new ads and content to users that viewed a portion of your videos posted on LinkedIn  (25%, 50%, 75% or the completed video)

  • Retargeting people that engaged with certain pages or events on your website.

 There’s no better way to follow up your initial advertising campaigns than with highly focused advertising that is properly retargeted to potential customer’s closer to the top of your sales funnel.

LinkedIn Outreach

LinkedIn Outreach Melbourne

Another service Video Outcomes offers is creating or taking over direct customer outreach programs for clients. This can be done without an accompanying advertising campaign but really gains traction as an additional service alongside a LinkedIn Ads campaign.

Some of our clients are too busy or simply feel a like a fish out of water when it comes to navigating LinkedIn for sales or B2B business outreach purposes.

By handing over the reins of your LinkedIn account we can take over your outreach program by making initial contact with your potential customers utilising custom messaging and reporting back on the prospective leads that come back to let you take over communications from there.

LinkedIn Ads Not For You? Have you thought about advertising on another platform?

Video Outcomes specialise in the highly targeted distribution of videos across multiple platforms including pay-per-click platforms such as:

Facebook Advertising

Google AdWords Advertising

Youtube Advertising