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Melbourne based Google Adwords campaign management

Google AdWords Campaigns are one of the most effective ways to reach potential customers online.

The best thing is that these customers are searching for your products and services right now, not months from now, and you can almost instantly place your ads right where they can see them.

Unfortunately, the Google AdWords platform isn’t the most user-friendly experience when trying to set up, monitor and then optimise a campaign.  We have seen how expensive and ineffective a poorly run Google Ads campaign can be. 

We can help you avoid common mistakes, and quickly get your campaign up and running so your business can utilise the power of ads placed on the most widely used search engine on the planet!

What do I need to know about Google AdWords Advertising?

Google is the most used website on the planet and takes up 70% of all search engine traffic.

Text based advertisements can be placed via auction on specific search terms or “keywords”. The higher the bid the higher the ad will place and the odds of it being clicked by a user increase significantly.

Using the Google Ads Keyword Tool we can know how many times per month users in a given area input that keyword into the Google Search Engine. It will also tell us what the average cost is to place an ad at the top of the results page is for that term.

So, after completing some research, for a video production company based in Melbourne:

·       An obvious choice for a useful keyword or search term is “Video Production Melbourne”

·       “Video Production Melbourne” will searched for on average 880 times per month on Google.

·       The cost to put an ad at the top of the results page will be $15.81(USD) at the time of writing.

Google AdWords Advertising Melbourne 2

There can be many different variables for the same keyword and each variable has its own search volume and associated cost e.g. Video Production Company Melbourne or Corporate Video Production Company Melbourne.

The more specific a search term the more reduced its search volume is likely to be, however, this does not necessarily mean the cost of placing an ad there is less as some specific terms could lead to quicker sales. Someone searching for “video production” may not have the same purchase intent as someone searching for “video production for corporate event”.

Google AdWords Advertising Melbourne 2

SEO vs Google AdWords

A Google AdWords campaign can be perfect for companies that want to test the waters before committing to a full SEO campaign. You can test the quality of traffic that comes from particular keyword phrases immediately instead of waiting for the months that it may take to rank your website. Plus you can guarantee that your advertisement and the link to your website is genuinely at the No. 1 - 3 spot (for high traffic search terms these listings are reserved for companies investing in a Google AdWords Campaign).

Do I need a custom landing page for my Google AdWords campaign?

B2B Google AdWords Campaigns

Our suggestion will almost always be a yes, a custom based landing page will perform better your websites homepage for a service based or a B2B based AdWords campaign.

Though the information your customer is seeking may be available somewhere in your website the truth is that:

  • people can be lazy

  • your competitors are providing information quickly and efficiently to potential customers

  • on average websites lose 50% of website traffic per extra click/web page that the customer has to take on their purchase pathway

It is simply not worth losing potential clients because the information they were seeking was not immediately available to them. By removing the barriers (such as extra web pages, providing contact forms immediately) in your customers journey you can increase conversions on your website such as phone calls, contact form submissions.

Lastly, for a truly honed in Google AdWords campaign that is utilising the Google Ads Algorithm to its fullest, a specific landing page that has unique goals/features for the algorithm to track user engagement is very important as it will use this data to find more people that are likely to complete the same goals.

E-commerce Google Adwords Campaigns

For e-commerce products a direct advertisement that connects through to a product purchase page may be suitable depending on the product, the quality of the item purchase page and the keyword associated with the advertisement.

How can I optimise my Google AdWords Campaign?

The optimisation and improvement of a Google AdWords campaign can based on multiple metrics.

Keywords and negative keywords

By accessing data available through Google Analytics and linking it to your Google Ads campaign we can correlate data points such as 1) how much time individuals are spending on your website with 2) the search term they used to get their (and advertisement connected to that search term).

Some search terms will be less profitable than others or will generate traffic from users that are less likely to be ready to purchase. This information will come to the surface after a few weeks and we can remove if from the campaign.

Placement of advertisements using the “phrase match” setting on Google AdWords will show your ads to people that you want and unfortunately to people that you don’t want in the short term.

Google AdWords Melbourne 4

For example, if your business is a flower shop and you use the phrase match setting to place an advertisement for the search term “flower shop”, your ad will be shown for terms that include extra text that may bring useful traffic to your website but will still cost you money.

Ads displayed for the term “Flower Shop” will be shown to people that also search for:

  • Cheap Flower Shop – You may be a high end service provider and these users will never be available to afford your product.

  • Flower Shopping Network – This may not suit your business.

  • Online Flower Shop – Again, you may not provide this service.

  • Nick’s Flower Shop – Not your business.

  • Flower Shop Near Me – Highly useful traffic

Google AdWords Melbourne 3

 Any keywords that are identified as non-useful will be added to your campaign’s negative keyword list which tells the Google AdWords platform not to include it in your advertising campaign.

Online research conducted by Video Outcomes prior to starting your Google ads campaign will allow us to remove a few of these non-useful search terms but will not identify all of them. Other search terms may seem potentially useful at the start of your campaign but when the data is analysed over time they may identified as wasteful and will be removed from the campaign.

Does your landing page need improving?

Any kind of online advertising could actually be considered a test of your website’s ability to convert traffic into customers.

If your website has traffic but isn’t converting sales or leads then you can be sure that there is an issue with either the quality or display of the information available to users or there is an issue with users experience on the website (i.e. how well can the user navigate the website?).

Video Outcomes can create new, review or improve your website’s landing page and thus your potential clients user experience on your website.

Bidding Automation (maximise conversions)

Similarly to a Facebook Ads Campaign, we want to utilise the powerful Google Ads algorithm as much as possible when we can.

  • Using Google Analytics on your website, select events to track (such as page views, product purchases, button clicks, contact form submissions and telephone button clicks).

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website through the creation of text based ads that are allocated to unique keywords.

  • Users will begin to visit your website and will be tracked based on their actions on the website.

  • When enough successful actions on your website have been made, automated campaign will optimisation begin. This means that we will allow the Google Adwords algorithm to find new customers that have similar features to people that have previously completed actions on your website.

  • Retargeting new advertising content to potential customers that did not complete a transaction can begin.

Google Ads Not For You? Have you thought about advertising on another platform?

Video Outcomes specialise in the highly targeted distribution of videos across multiple platforms including pay-per-click platforms such as:

LinkedIn Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Youtube Advertising