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Truly reach your audience by fully utilising Melbourne’s most thorough Facebook marketing experts.

 Did you know:

  • Facebook is currently considered by most professionals as “pay-to-play” meaning the old days of truly being able to access your audience for free a gone. To reach your entire audience and in particular new audiences on the platform you’ll have to pay.

  • Facebook ads have the greatest potential to reach Australian internet users, with 15 million users, followed by Instagram at 9.7 million

  • YouTube and Facebook are the most used social platforms, with penetration to 80% of Australian internet users, followed by Instagram at 53%

Video Outcomes has in-depth knowledge of how to properly mark-up your website using the Facebook pixel and then how best to drive traffic to your website using Facebook’s ads manager platform.

We specialise in re-targeting your website users based their level of engagement and providing them new content that will take them closer to a sale.

After your website has had enough visitors we can re-optimise your Facebook Ads campaigns to target new customers with similar traits to those that have already completed actions on your website.

Video Outcomes Facebook Advertising Procedure:

  • Install Facebook pixel on your website and select events to track (such as page views, product purchases, button clicks)

  • Drive targeted traffic to your website through the creation of highly engaging content such as video based ads that are distributed using Facebook’s Ads Manager.

  • Users will begin to visit your website and will be tracked based on their actions on the website.

  • When enough successful actions on your website have been made, campaign will optimisation begin. This means that we will allow the Facebook algorithm to find new customers that have similar features to people that have previously completed actions on your website.

  • Retargeting new advertising content to potential customers that did not complete a transaction (based on metrics such as video engagement and user website engagement) can begin.

What is the Facebook Pixel?

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The Facebook Pixel is Facebook’s proprietary code that when placed within your website’s code will start immediately collecting data on events that are useful for targeting customers on the Facebook Business/Ads platform.

When installed, the Facebook Pixel will begin tracking user engagement on your website such as button clicks, contact form submissions and unique page views.

Even if you are not immediately running ads to your website you should install the Facebook Pixel simply to allow it to have as much time to gather data on your website’s users in order optimise your Facebook advertising campaigns at a later date.

 Example of a video based facebook ad for mobile phone display by Video Outcomes, a Melbourne based facebook advertising company specialising in video based facebook ads.

How much do Facebook Ads Cost?

Facebook ad spend can be viewed in 2 ways:

1)    How much does it cost to get people to my website?

2)    How much does it cost to get people to complete an action on my website such as a product or service purchase?

 The answer to both questions unfortunately is…it depends.

Though getting people to see your ad and click through to your website will likely be cheaper than get someone to make a purchase on your website. What will ultimately determine your ad spend costs whether it be based on website visit or website conversion will depend on:

  • The product/service you are selling.

  • How many people this product/service can help.

  • How similar your product is to other products on the market.

  • The total number of competitors in the market that are using Facebook Ads for a similar product.

  • The size of the audience you are advertising to (eg one suburb or the entire country)

  • The cost of the product or service you are selling as often higher cost items or services come with longer customer decision making times.

  • The quality of your advertisement copy/visual content.

 Please contact Video Outcomes anytime to get an obligation free quote for Facebook Advertising. We would love to hear about your product or service to discuss whether Facebook Advertising is the right fit.

Some ideal products and services for Facebook Ads are:

 Local Products & Services Facebook Ads Campaigns:

  • Private schools for Dance, Art, Music and Math and English Tutoring

  • Lawyers, Accountants, Conveyancers and other local professional services.

  • Construction services from building, plumbing, painting, bricklaying and electrical services.

  • Gyms, clothing and other specialty local stores.

  • Restaurants & Food Trucks

 Citywide and National Facebook Ads Campaigns:

  • Products with broad appeal such as clothing, jewellery, electrical goods, food products, health and wellbeing products.

  • Businesses selling software as a service, SEO companies etc

  • PR campaigns for non-profits and government organisations.

Example of Facebooks Ads on mobile interface:

Facebook Ads Not For You? Have you thought about advertising on another platform?

Video Outcomes specialise in the highly targeted distribution of videos across multiple platforms including pay-per-click platforms such as:

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

Youtube Ads